Rankings Dogfight

If you want to stay ahead of the competition in the rankings dogfight, first of all you need to analyze the competition. You need to find out how many links they are building each month, and how many of these are from c class ips. C Class IPs are considered of higher worth than shared ips as they are separte hosting servers as opposed to shared servers.

You then need to analyze what the anchor text levels are and the page rank attributes your competing sites are gaining on a monthly basis. If you calculate that and take their existing backlinks and on page optimisation into the equation you can develop a strategy to overtake and stay ahead of the chasing pack.

A good seo company will analyze these details for you and use software to find all the data. Once this is gathered a series link building campaign needs to commence and stay live until the job is done. Once you overtake the competition there is no sense resting on your laurels or your good work will soon go to waste.

You need to work out a maintenance link building campaign. Although in hyper competitive markets you still need to keep your foot firmly pressed down on the accelerator with your link building efforts. In corporate market places it is normal for websites to build over 100k links a month.

If you are in the corporate sector would you alone have the time, skills or resources to do that each month? Not many businesses would unless they have their own seo team in house. Large scale search engine optimization companies do this on a daily basis for hundreds of clients. They will put together a corporate link building campaign that is suitable for the most demanding markets.

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Seo Results

No matter if you spell optimization with a “s” or a “z” it all amounts to the same, seo. Who cares how you spell it so long as the search engine optimization brings results. There are many seo advisors and many schools of thought on the process. What worked in 2011 won’t necessarily work in 2012. And what works in one country or market won’t necessarily work in another.

Seo is a game you need to constantly update your knowledge on. There is no end to the learning curve in this industry. People are always trying to find a way to automate the process, and their are tried and tested checklists to follow, but invariably seo involves smart tactical, and time intensive procedures.

You need to understand the market you are going into. You need to get adept and assessing the competition before you enter a market before you decide to enter it. Many times you will realize that the market isn’t profitable, or is too intense to compete in. The rewards for breaking into a market may not be worth the effort.

A good search engine optimisation consultant will be used to treading the territories of tough but lucrative markets. Each time Google does a ranking algorithm update it makes changes to the way it ranks websites. A good seo consultant will be able to respond to these changes and work out how they affect website rankings. A layperson won’t have these skills or be familiar enough with the game to catch onto them.

After you’ve been around the search optimisation industry for a while you learn to take “new seo breakthroughs” with a pinch of salt. Even if they are warnings concerning the latest Google algo changes. If none of what is said is affecting your clients and your own personal sites you know the info is misguided. Many people in this industry claim to know more about what’s going on in this field than they actually do. They seem to want to elevate their status so people think of them as a fountain of knowledge. In the world of seo there is one rule. Test your theories. If you haven’t tested your own or someone else’s theory, then you have no proof or evidence of what you say or believe is true. So don’t go blasting out bogus advice all over the internet.

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Implementing Search Engine Optimization Plans

Do you know what search engine optimisation is all about? Well If you happen to be the unproud recipient  of an underperforming internet site  that is going the wrong way in the search engines, pay close attention. Search engine optimization usually abbreviated  to seo  is the way by which you can make your website perform favourably  in the search engines. Sometimes even right to the No 1 spot.  What’s the point of having an internet business organisation shop front that sells cosmetics if there is no one visiting  your  polished and highly stocked website.

So how do people land on your website? Mostly by the way of a search engine. The  biggest search engine of them all is Google. The stats show that 70% of all users in the United states choose Google as their main search provider. In the UK this figure is closer to 90%.The average internet browser usually proceeds by looking up queries in Google and types exactly what they are looking for into the search box. That’s what Google primarily does, provides solutions to problems.  If you have someone was looking for a new pair of knee high boots. The results will show up 10 websites per page.  But which website do the overwhelming majority of users go to first?  The one that sits at number 1.

Of course a browser can sometimes press the back button if they don’t get what they are looking for in a responsive time. But that goes out the window if they actually find what they were after in one of the first few sites.  Happy customers equal paying customers.  Now you can see this is why it’s exceedingly important to have your site at the the top of Google. So what’s the way to do this? There are standard proven practies and modern techniques that have been used  time and time again.

Namely SEO.

There are a couple of ways to perform SEO.  You can do  this yourself or pay someone who specializes in pay for results seo. One area of this involves on-page optimization which refers to restructuring elements  on your own website. The other is known as off-page optimisation.  This  necessitates promoting your website via other sites. On-page optimisation can be quite a technical undertaking. For it to be decently carried out, a little cognition about web design  is required.

The off-page optimization work is based around the practice of  building back links to your online site  from other websites. A more beneficial scenario is to build back links from websites that are of the same subject or niche as yours. What is also requisite in this stage is to have the appropriate anchor text written inside the link.  What i mean is  say you want to rank exceedingly in Google for the phrase “sports injury massage Wyoming” you need to acquire a lot of anchor text related links directed back to your site with the words “sports injury massage Wyoming” written in it.   A back link is just a little bit of website html code, but you can attach words to it.  The words increase your  sites placements for the terms you are targeting in the search engine rankings.  You just need a lot of them usually, from high quality sources on a continual  basis.

If the thought of all this is very strange to you then go and have a chat with a reputable search engine optimization agency. They can unravel the process in front of you with the aid of a computer screen so you can understand it to a competent degree. A good search engine optimization company can save you a lot of money and perform all the laborious  on page and off page work. There are also some links you should build and links you should not and other processes to  definetely dismiss. Conduct as much research as you can into the area of seo and start carrying it out even on a minor scale. Then when you are ready you can acclerate your progress by working with a reputable seo company.

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